mindfulness practice:
a basic human skill,
enhancing concentration, clarity,
presence and vitality

in the midst of fast paced work days…

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Mind full or mindful?

Do you feel overloaded with impressions, feelings and thoughts even when relaxing at home?
Do you sometimes have a hard time concentrating and ask yourself where the time went?
How is your sleep?

As we face big challenges in our lives – e.g. frequent and fast changes in organizations, energy draining meetings, excessive Multi-Tasking, travelling itineraries etc. we need more and more support to train our minds for more resilience and composure.
One way to recuperate ourselves in the midst of a buzzing world and come back to being more human again is practicing mindfulness.


Some definitions

Mindfulness means:

  • Consciously bringing awareness to the present moment
  • Knowing and feeling the state of your (body-)mind right now
  • Being present
  • Being able to respond rather than react

Mindfulness is not an outside skill, but an innate human capacity for connecting to the NOW. We refresh ourselves by being right here – moment by moment – regardless the cirumstances. Being connected to the present moment enhances the experience of flow, energy and wakefulness.
It can be a pathway out of auto-pilot into the sparkling present!

A Mindfulness Training includes background information on the neurophysiology of mindfulness and the various practices, formal and informal (see below under Workplace Settings).

Evidence and benefits

Our attention directly affects the neural activity of our brain.
The architecture of our brain is influenced by how we use our mind.
The mind is able to change the brain (neuroplasticity).
The blood flow of the brain changes and metabolic alterations associated can be measured. Scientists can see the brain in action, even if most of them agree that the mind is not merely the brain…

More than 5000 studies explored the effects of meditation.

It has been shown that Mindfulness Trainings that take place at the work place promote a more satisfying and concentrated work-life with a new sense of connectedness to oneself, to what one is doing and to one`s environment. Thereby as people are using their attention more effectively  better results at the workplace are noticed.

Some conclusive results:

1) Health: When body and mind synchronize in Mind Training, there are effects on the physical health:

  • Decrease of high blood pressure
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Faster recovery from illness
  • Fewer headaches

2) Cognitive skills: Mindfulness is the basis for all higher cognitive abilities:

  • Stronger concentration and attentiveness
  • Development of active awareness and perception
  • Improved memory
  • Increased ability to relax and focus simultaneously
  • Faster reaction times

3)  Mental health: Mindfulness strengthens our mental resilience:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better listening skills
  • Higher emotional balance




Practicing mindfulness meditation on a regular basis helps me to stay more calm in the midst of challenging situations. I am leading meetings that require high attention and presence in a more relaxed way. This has a positive impact on our team. I feel strenghtened in my self- and social competence

A. Wernli, Basel

Fears, issues ahead, problems seem to be much lighter. I have a feeling of empowerment. I am better prepared to cope with upcoming issues. I am mastering my time more.

Luca P., Basel

Mindfulness meditation already has a regenerating effect after 5-10 minutes for me. I use mindfulness also while running: sensing my feet touching the floor or tracking my breath. These tiny „vacations“ from thinking are very beneficial. Mindfulness helps to clear my mind.

Birgit Buchsbaum, Bonn

Mindfulness is arriving in our society and in the corporate world.
Now is the time

workplace settings

The training takes place at the work place, within the company. This setting helps people integrate the new skills much faster than outside the workplace.


1) Intro-Talk, 45-60 min.

Presentation about Mindfulness and short Mindfulness Practice

2) Mindfulness training  1-1,5 hours per week over 8-10 weeks

I offer mindfulness sessions as it applies to the working day. Each module spotlights a specific topic, yet the foundation for all of them is the formal mind-training practice (as taught in the first module). Participants receive practice audio recordings and practice cards.

The training consists of:

  • Presentation on specific topics (e.g. Multi-and Unitasking, Mindful Dialog, Emotional Intelligence, Communication etc.)
  • Short talks about neurophysiology
  • Formal and informal practices

The training includes various practices, formal and informal.

Formal practices:

  • Tuning In Practice
  • Short sitting mindtraining practice (8-10 min.)
  • The micro-version (1-3 min.)
  • Bodyscanning
  • Mindful dialog
  • Open Focus
  • Compassiontraining

Informal practices:

  • Body awareness while being in daily activities
  • The power of pause
  • Mindful conversations and meetings
  • Awareness of Multi-Tasking and conscious periods of Uni-Tasking
  • Awareness of emotions
  • Practice of beginning – middle – end
  • Open Focus
  • Compassion in Daily Life

3) Early Bird Mindfulness Practice before work, 45 min.

4) Mindfulness-Workshops

  • Introduction to mindfulness for beginners: 3 hours
  • One day seminars  on a specific topic. e.g. Multi-Tasking/Unitasking, Mindful Meetings, Self-Regulation etc.
  • Mindfulness – Leadership –Retreat: two days (company offsite)

5) Individual Support – Sesisons à 30 min (live or via skype).

6) Team Support

7) Coaching


Mindfulness Coaching

learn more here: Mindfulness Coaching

Somatic Life Coaching

Please feel free to ask for further information and support:
mail info@mindfulatwork.ch

Mindfulness Coaching

Learn more here: Mindfulness Coaching

Online Offerings

20 Min. Morning Meditation – Online, June 22nd – September 24th

This is an ongoing open offering (drop-ins) twice a week, led by Iris Uderstädt and Kirsten van Well

Learn more here: Morgenmeditationen

Webinar: “Own your human mind in the face of technological disruption”:

September 23rd, 06.00PM CEST
Register here: http://mindfulatwork.ch/ownyourhumanmind

Here is an introduction into the topic:


Live Seminars and Retreats

Mindfulness Vacation Retreat in Sardinia: October 10th – October 17th 2020 in Bari Sardo: Sardinia 2020_E

Learn more in this Video: Video_E

the team

Iris Uderstädt

Founder and Trainer of mindful@work. Author of the Ebook “A Path to Presence – 37 Mindfulness Practices for Meditation and Daily Life”.
In collaboration with Potential Project as a Senior Trainer (www.potentialproject.com)
Born 1960 and raised in Germany i moved to Basel/Switzerland in 2004.
For 25 years I have been helping people connect more fully to their lives, build up resilience and make a difference – at work and personally.
I am using various skills in the field of Mindfulness, Body-Mind Practices, Mindfulness Coaching and Somatic Life Coaching as well as the newest findings in Neuroscience.I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness practices since 1998 on a daily basis. This gives me strength, endurance, compassion and satisfaction in the midst of a busy, interesting and challenging work life. Interconnectness is my inner reference for all I do. I feel blessed to share my experience with trainings, keynotes and seminars in the corporate world, in educational systems and in my practice
in Basel.











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Harvard Business Review just published an article featuring  CEO and Founder, Rasmus Hougaard, sharing knowlegde and examples on the importance of present leadership:


From Neuroscience:

→ http://jonlieffmd.com/blog/breathing-alters-perception

→ http://jonlieffmd.com/blog/unique-type-of-neuroplasticity-with-stress?utm_source=General+Interest&utm_campaign=04184c10aa-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_471703a831-04184c10aa-87679169




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My ebook “A Path to Presence – 37 Mindfulness Practices for Meditation and Daily Life”

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Other books I recommend:

  1. One Second Ahead, by Rasmus Hougaard, 2015
  2. The Mind of the Leader, by Rasmus Hougaard, 2018
  3. Real Happiness at Work, by Sharon Salzberg , 2014
  4. Finding the space to lead, by Janice Marturano, 2014
  5. Mindsight, by Daniel Siegel, 2010




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